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Superyacht – Employment Disputes

It is without doubt that we have seen some significant improvements in employment of yacht crew over the last decade or so and, on the whole, they fare very well compared to many working on commercial ships.  Unfortunately, disputes still do arise and, if it cannot be resolved amicably, legal action may be necessary.

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Superyacht – Yacht Ownership Lifecycle

I suspect most readers will either have direct experience or, heard stories about, yacht owners who have had a bad experience for various reasons such as a yacht that didn’t meet their expectations, issues with crew and, financial shock…

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Superyacht management budgeting budget finance

Superyacht – The Art Of The Budget

Whenever I talk to owners and clients, the subject running costs and budget always comes up.  I always advise it is the fundamental tool for measuring the finances of the yacht but, like fine art, requires careful crafting and curation to be of value, and a caveat  – there is no ‘one size fits all’ model.

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