There is no doubt that Superyachts are the platform for some of the most amazing and memorable experiences with family and friends and, as the ultimate discretionary expense, we have an enormous responsibility to ensure a positive experience so that owners continue to invest in the Superyacht Lifestyle and recommend yachting to friends. 


Whether an existing yacht owner or owners team, considering a new-build project or purchase of an existing yacht, looking at ways to improve the yachts operation and management, or have a vision for yachting that is not being delivered on – Three Sixty Marine can help.  

I take a three hundred and sixty degree approach that is based on knowledge and practical experience in command on some of the Worlds’ largest yachts.  That privileged vantage point has exposed me to all aspects of yachting including; new build, purchase, refit, operation, management and leadership, and has helped develop a deep appreciation of their role in the yacht ownership experience.

Using knowledge, insight and experience to support, inform and guide

Working alongside captains, owners and their teams, Three Sixty Marine can support the operation and also help define their yachting vision and aspirations.  That information can be used to assist in the purchase of an existing yacht or new construction and, for operational yachts, refit projects and help guide and motivate crew towards the owners priorities and onboard experience.


Management of yachts, like any high value asset, is essential to protect the value and ensure the yacht delivers on an owners priorities.  Today, there are some  are some extremely capable and professional management companies but, like yacht budgets, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ management model.  Three Sixty Marine can help assess the most suitable yacht management structure – full management, in-house or hybrid – that is based on an owners desired level of engagement and resources.

Client and results focused

Three Sixty Marine works in close collaboration with other industry professionals who share the same values of quality, transparency and discretion to deliver client focused solutions.


Knowledge, insight and experience is also used to assist designers, shipyards and, other industry professionals, to develop and improve their products in areas such as – manning levels, crew accommodation and facilities, bridge design, mooring and tender launching arrangements.

Helping drive safety through design

The environment and sustainability are key issues that are of increasing import in our industry as new and, perhaps as yet unknown, regulations and taxes come into effect, and further shifts in government policy and public sentiment start to have an impact on superyachts.   Three Sixty Marine can assist owners navigate these very real issues.

Available for short or long term consultancy and, also in an advisory capacity providing independent oversight of the yachts operation and management – helping deliver a positive ownership experience.



Planning and supervising small and large refit projects including; worklists, budget, shipyard selection, refit management, cost control/analysis and sea-trials.


Representing owners interest for the build, refit, operational management and maintenance.


Providing a thorough review and audit of yachts operation and management - helping to improve transparency and the ownership experience.


Providing designers, shipyards and other stakeholders with operational perspective and design input.